Back-to-school supplies to keep your student organized

DETROIT - We've got some of the hottest back-to-school items on the market to make sure the student in your life has the latest and greatest gear.

From everything to get you organized, to the latest tech gadgets, to a newer take on traditional school supplies, these items are flying off store shelves.

"Most of the stuff you see on display is actually the last of the ones I have in the store," said Charlie Shaw of Staples.

When it comes to tech gadgets, one of the hottest items is a tablet like the Microsoft Surface.

"The Windows Tablet and the Microsoft Surface is one of the only tablets that operates on an entire computer operating system. It's not a mobile version, it's not a fraction of the operating system. That tablet right there is literally a laptop in a sleek and informative design," Shaw said.

College students are also snatching up fitness bracelets to help them keep track of their caloric intake and avoid gaining weight during their first year of college. And from tech gifts to more practical and affordable school supplies, this new line of organizational items, called Poppin Accessories, should be at the top of your list.

"It offers anything from the paper trays to desk accessories, staplers, pencils, pens, tape dispenser, the stapler. They have this new thing called Poppin Grass where you can actually put envelops and pens in it so it holds it for you," said Shaw.

These organizational items are not only affordable but come in a variety of colors. And when it comes to your every day school supplies like notebooks, folders and paper, there are new products out on the market to match each student's personality.

"For the younger female audience, everything in glitter. Everything in glitter. And they've got some really cool notebooks that have hashtags on them like #CrayCray and #OverIt and #Whatevs on the front of it which makes it very current to what the kids these days and even young adults and adults are doing and how social media is progressing," Shaw explained.

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