Capac High School students boycott lunch program

Capac student Joey Nemecek starts school food boycott that administrators can't ignore

CAPAC, Mich. - New federal guidelines are supposed to make school lunches healthier but students at Capac High School disagree.

The backlash started by one student has administrators taking notice.

Student Joey Nemecek started the boycott.

The 17-year-old said he was sick of buying meals that looked more like a science project than lunch

"The tomatoes were black, tomatoes aren't suppose to be black," said Nemecek. "The mashed potatoes are like water, they tried changing that, but like you put it on your spoon and it just rolls off like water."

Nemecek started taking pictures of the food and posting them on Facebook.

Soon the lunch line went from 300 kids to 20 and the boycott began.

"A group of us would all brown bag it for the whole week just to see what they would do," said Nemecek. "It started getting serious and we realized we've got something going."

After a week of packed lunches, the schools administration couldn't ignore the social media storm.

In a statement the Superintendent said "with the new federal guidelines there have been lots of changes with the menu, portion control and ingredients that go into healthy lunches. we are working with Chartwells, the service provider, to make improvements and address the student and parents concerns."

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