Controversy surrounds method of education known as unschooling

Critics say there is little evidence that unschooling produces a better educated adult

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DETROIT - A method of learning is under some scrutiny after critics questioned how well a child is learning using the method known as unschooling.

Unschooling, the unstructured approach to education, allows the child to choose what he or she learns and when to learn it.

The method is a controversial subset of homeschooling, but unlike homseschoolers, unschoolers don't follow a curriculum

Some parents choose unschooling to allow their child to take charge of their learning, by learning at their own pace, with no timetable, no required textbooks, and no tests.
Children are allowed to set the agenda using their parents and their community as learning resources.

Some parents like the idea of unschooling, saying that children are naturally driven to learn and will do so if left to their own devices, according to a CBC News report.

They also believe mainstream schooling disconnects kids from that passion.

Critics of the method argue there's little evidence that unschooling produces a better educated adult and few parents can actually afford to educate this way, CBC News reports.

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