Dad makes 'bully' son run to school

Virginia boy says it's a good punishment

WSET/Bryan Thornhill via CNN

A Virginia boy was caught bullying other students on the bus. His dad's punishment? Run the mile to school in the rain for three days.

The Roanoke dad drove behind his 10-year-old and took a video, which he posted on Facebook. The video has since gone viral, with more than 22 million views, WSET reported.

Many praised Bryan Thornhill for the creativity. Others said the punishment was similar to bullying, WSET reported.

His son, Hayden, said he feels like he learned his lesson and hasn't misbehaved since he was punished for being suspended from riding the school bus home, WSET reported.

"I was sliding under the seat. I was yelling and being really obnoxious. I accidentally jumped on one of the kids and hit him in his bad spot," Hayden said. "It was a good punishment. I really deserved it." 

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