Government requires major overhaul to school lunch programs

Requirements: less fat, sugar, sodium

Healthy lunches for children controversial? Well, there are some lawmakers who say the government shouldn't be telling schools what to serve children. On Wednesday the rules change.

Don't worry, kids. You'll still be able to get pizza, but it will be healthier pizza.

The first lady has made obesity in children her platform cause and today she'll be at a school in Virginia to unveil a new.. government approved lunch. On the menu will be less fat, less sugar, less sodium. Those items will be replaced with more whole grains, more fruits and more vegetables.

The new rules governing nutrition are the first major overhaul of school lunches in about fifteen years. If your child's school hasn't already jumped on the bandwagon voluntarily, they'll have to now. Kids may not notice big differences in flavor, but the milk cartons will now say low fat or no fat… they'll notice less mac and cheese and more veggies.

This is also the first time laws governing school lunches will go beyond those meals subsidized by the government in lunch and breakfast programs. They will apply to all lunches. Back to that Pizza. The tomato paste was determined by congress to be a vegetable and French fries are potatoes.

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