Monroe Schools, Belleville High cancel school Friday

Classes cancelled due to potential threats of violence

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DETROIT - Belleville High School is the latest school in Michigan to cancel classes this week due to potential threats of violence against students.

In a letter posted to the Van Buren Public Schools website, the superintendent writes there will be no class Friday at the high school because of "numerous rumors circulating about potential threats of violence against students.  Additional rumors regarding the Mayan calendar and the end of the world have also surfaced."

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The superintendent says only the high school will be closed because all "rumors are only high school based."

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"Unfortunately, these rumors have created a major distraction in student learning, causing anxiety amongst the student body at Belleville High School," the superintendent wrote.

The superintendent says the rumors have been proven to be false, but they are canceling class anyway.

There will be increased security and police presence at the rest of the Van Buren Public Schools remaining open on Friday.

Several schools end week early due to potential threats

Belleville High School is not alone. Several other Michigan schools and districts have closed for the remainder of this week due to similar, if not the exact same, reasons.

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A 16-year-old Fraser High School student could be charged for making a gun threat that resulted in his arrest.

Police said the teen made comments about the end of the world coming on Friday and that he was going to shoot people. His fellow students reported it to the principal, who sent him home.

The teen was later arrested.

Monroe Schools also cancelled school for Friday, starting Christmas break a day early.

Students attending school in Genessee and Lapeer counties started their break early as well.

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