Mother unable to leave hospital sees daughter graduate

Daugther brings ceremony to hospital room

By Forrest Sanders
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Bridget Perez sat in her hospital room when a curtain was pulled back. Her daughter Jaszmon walked down the hall toward her in her cap and gown.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - There's a little message written in a window at Vanderbilt saying 'Stay Strong.' It's for Bridget Perez, written by her daughter Jaszmon.

"It's been hard," said Jaszmon. "I cry. I think about it all the time, but I get through it cause I know she's here for me."

Living with lung disease, Bridget's on a transplant list. That means she's been at Vanderbilt for 45 days and just can't leave to see her daughter's Kenwood High graduation.

"Sometimes I didn't feel like walking," said Jaszmon. "I didn't want to walk cause she wasn't going to be there for me."

Staff at Vanderbilt thought there was another way.

On Tuesday, Bridget sat in her hospital room when a curtain was pulled back. Friends, family and nurses lined the hallway leading to the room. Jaszmon walked down the hall in her cap and gown.

"I love you so much," Bridget said, hugging her daughter as she cried.

After a brief ceremony, Jaszmon turned her tassle. Bridget and Jaszmon walked together down the hall.

"Got a dress on for you and everything," laughed Jaszmon, looking over at her mother. "You got it. You're strong."

"I got to graduate with my mom," she said. "I got to walk with her, and I got to be here with her. I've come so far. She's brought me so far."

Jaszmon is planning to attend Austin Peay State University in the fall and plans to become a nurse.


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