Proposed Michigan social studies standards omits Roe v. Wade, climate change, gay rights

By Paula Tutman - Reporter, Ken Haddad

DETROIT - Proposed changes to Michigan's social studies curriculum is causing an uproar among the state's educators and parents.

A draft, lead by Republican State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck, proposes major changes to subjects like civil rights, globalization, immigration and climate change.

"It's a reduction and minimization of our diverse cultural history," said Dave Crim, Michigan Education Association spokesperson, who also noted MEA is against the proposal.

In the draft, the word democratic, which is defined as "relating to or supporting democracy or its principles," has been changed to republic, defined as "a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives."

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You can read the full 140+ page proposal draft below:

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