Review: 'The Bag Man' is a debacle

Movie stars John Cusack and Robert De Niro


DETROIT – What is it with John Cusack and hotels? In 1990's "The Grifters," he's brought to a grimy motel room to identify a body. Then, in 2003's "Identity," he's among a group of strangers at a hotel. And in "1408," he gets trapped in a haunted hotel room.

In his new movie, "The Bag Man," Cusack, alongside Robert De Niro and leading lady Rebecca Da Costa, and once again encounters troubles with a hotel room.

A mob boss, played by De Niro, gives Cusack's character, a low-level criminal type, a job. As the trailer states, his job is to go get "the bag," bring back the bag, and he would get money from the mob boss.

He is then held up at a hotel room, waiting for instruction, where he meets De Costa's character. There are plenty of odd characters that come and go during the movie, but one thing remains the same: the creepy hotel guy Ned, played by Crispin Glover. So creepy, that he may literally be the only bright spot of this dark movie. And by dark, I mean the lighting was questionable.

It's surprising to me that stars like De Niro and Cusack still take roles in movies like this. The movie is filled with writer flaws, bad plot lines that don't make any sense, corny transitions and lackluster production.

At the very least, "The Bag Man" is somewhat entertaining. If you're looking for a movie you don't need to think much about, perhaps something serious that isn't very serious, maybe this movie is for you.

The movie is playing at AMC Forum 30 in Sterling Heights beginning Friday.



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