Review: 'Fantastic Four' reboot falls flat

Film opens August 7


DETROIT – The new "Fantastic Four" movie makes a good case to stop making Fantastic Four movies.

The reboot hits theaters Friday, and while the Fantastic Four franchise has had some bright movie spots in the past, this one falls flat on its face.

This is the second attempt to build a FF family. This one takes a younger cast, starring Miles Teller, Kata Mara and Michael B. Jordan. The fact that the film was such an utter disaster is not only easy to say, it's actually quite frustrating.

It starts off with very compelling storylines; we are slowly learning about Reed and his family, Ben and his family, Susan and Johnny a bit, but not nearly enough. The focus was clearly to build these characters into people we could care about, but at some point, everything falls apart.

The plot involves similar storylines, centered around interdimensional travel, instead of space. The first 45 minutes, which one could argue were actually really good, is completely overtaken by a simplified, rush job of an ending. I've never seen such a lack-luster villain, or a villain that dies so quickly. Doom basically showed up to make sure there was a fight scene in the movie.

Many superhero movie reboots these days have a first movie as the "set up" to the real adventures. This was one of those. But it won't make you excited for the follow up movies.

The cast did their best with the screenplay. They have incredible chemistry at times, but the audience is left wanting to know much more about them.

Everything moves so fast. Within about 20 minutes, the FF go from wanting to reverse their powers, to becoming a bonded team of superheroes.

Best of luck, FF fans. You won't be happy.



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