Mark Wahlberg talks about 'Wahlbergers' restaurant in Greektown

DETROIT – Fans packed the sidewalk in Greektown to welcome actor and franchise owner Mark Wahlberg as he walked into the first of six "Wahlburgers" restaurants in Metro Detroit.

The franchise restaurant created by Wahlberg and his brothers is scheduled to open this summer. 

While in town, he's shooting part of an episode for his reality television show "Wahlburgers," giving viewers an in-depth look into his family life and his newest business venture.

Wahlberg is no stranger to Detroit. After spending time in downtown on the set of "Transformers: Age of Extinction," Wahlberg fell in love with the city and was inspired to invest his money into its rebirth.

"Transformers: The Last Knight" is also being shot in Detroit and is set to open in June 2017.

The actor shared his recipe for success when mixing family and business.

"People always say you're not supposed to go into business with your family, but we made sure we addressed any issues that we had before and now we're so excited because really it’s brought us all a lot closer together," Wahlberg said.

Unlike his struggling character in "Transformers," Wahlburg has found success with this project and is excited to be a part of the fabric of this growing city.

A solid shell with "Wahlburgers" posted on the windows gives a hint of what's to come, and this family franchise looks forward to opening its doors for Detroiters to experience food the Wahlberg way.