Video: 'Will & Grace' cast reunites in 10-minute episode


The cast of "Will & Grace" reunited for a short episode to promote the 2016 election - and Hillary Clinton. 

The mini episode features stars Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, Megan Mullally and Eric McCormack back in character - in 2016.

In the scene, Karen (Mullally) walks in on Will (McCormack) and Grace (Messing) discussing the election and stuns them when she declares she's voting for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He's one of her "oldest friends," she says -- she even helped him "pick out Melania," referring to the candidate's wife.

Will and Grace's attempts to sway their notoriously difficult and booze-loving friend go unheard.
When Jack (Hayes) arrives and reveals he's an undecided voter, Karen, a character famous for her off-color remarks, attempts to win him over in her own special way.

"Honey, if you don't vote for Trumpy, there will be wars and monsoons and locusts and hordes of brown people pouring over our borders from every direction. I mean, it's one thing if you're sitting in the audience at 'Hamilton,' but do you really want to see those people everywhere?" she says.

When told to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Jack responds, "Yeah, but I don't like that she wears pants."

Will gets the final word by revealing to Jack that Katy Perry is voting for Hillary.

Jack then points to Will and says, "I'm with her." The video ends with a plea for viewers to #votehoney.

Shelly Morrison, who played Karen's housekeeper Rosario, also makes a short cameo.


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