Detroit band SIAS to bring genre-spanning sound to Pike Room


Drawing from a range of inspirations, SIAS creates music that covers a multitude of genres and sounds.

With songs fusing electronic music with elements of pop, rock and hip-hop, the band’s influence from many artists is evident in every song. According to SIAS’ biography, inspirations include Coldplay, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Jack Johnson, Eminem, John Mayer, Bob Marley and Imagine Dragons.

Described as an alternative-world band from Detroit, three childhood friends make up the group who has a little something for everyone.

The band’s EP “Origin” was released last summer and included collaborations with over a dozen unique instrumentalists, making for interesting pacing and songs that all have very different qualities.

Featuring six tracks, “Origin” begins with “Aura.” The upbeat song emits good vibes and gives a taste of the band’s mixing of sounds and instruments. The pull from different genres reflects “earthy, cinematic and celestial feels” in SIAS’ music, according to the band’s bio.

Those “feels” are unmistakable in “Aura.” With lines like “Now I'm standing right in front of you/watching every atom move/out your atmosphere and into mine,” the song branches from science, tying in scientific concepts to life and emotions.

The second song, “Altitudes,” includes more of an electronic sound than the first track. Like the first song, many different instruments come together to flow with vocals that are more speaking rather than singing.

“Stand Tall” is mellower than the first two tracks. While it has moments where it picks up, it’s generally slower.

The vocals in “Oceans of Time,”  like many of the band’s songs, are smooth and a slower pace, but the mix of instruments keeps the song from being boring or actually considered slow. A rap verse is also present in the song, an unexpected but welcome addition to the blend of sounds.

“Element” connects the sounds from the rest of the tracks, the various genres and the earthy/cinematic/celestial feels perfectly to pull together an album that is unique, energetic and fresh.

Check out SIAS when they open for Common Kings on Feb. 21 at the Pike Room in Pontiac. ¡Mayday! and Makua Rothman will also be performing.

Download “Origin” here.

SIAS performed at the Meridian Winter Blast last month. Below is an interview Local 4 did with the group.

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