Michigan band Narco Debut prepares for 2017 album release


After the release of their EP “Garden Dreams” in September, Narco Debut got back to work quickly.

The Michigan rock band is working on a new album, an unnamed project that is guaranteed to be out in 2017, according to lead singer Eric Pachota.

Pachota said the release date depends on how quickly the band can get studio dates, meaning the album could come anywhere from early summer to early fall. Currently, two songs have been completed and the guys are set to be working on Sunday.

Their work will include pre-production with a friend at Wayne State University. Pachota anticipates four demos will come from that, though no songs have been officially recorded and there’s no set number of songs that will be on the album as of now; the band is just letting it happen.

“Things are going well,” Pachota said. "So I'd like to let it naturally decide its own course.”

Fans did get to hear what the band is working on, though. Narco Debut played four new songs when they took the stage at the Crofoot on Saturday.

Compared to “Garden Dreams,” the new music feels more organic, Pachota said. While “Garden Dreams” wasn’t a forced project, the band is more on the same page for this album, with the whole band writing together. On the contrary, Pachota and drummer Steven Maybry were the main people working on the EP.

Pachota described the new music process as cohesive, adding, “You don't have to sit there and assemble them in a way that sells the record. The work’s already done.”

While the past two years have been rough for the band, there have been no major problems this time around. Whether it be the loss of two vans, drug addiction or member changes, Narco Debut was hit with obstacles repeatedly in the past.

“It just personally felt like we should have stopped making music years ago,” Pachota said. "But we kept it alive.”

He said the band is in better health this year and believes the new album will reflect that.

Bands like Modest Mouse, Minus The Bear, Head Automatica and The Strokes are all musical inspirations behind the album. Pachota said he personally draws inspiration from live shows, noting what a great year 2017 has been in terms of concerts already.

He also said the band keeps movies they believe are classics playing in their house. He thinks the movies keep the group in the right mindset and motivated.

Narco Debut joins Adventurer and Broke at the Loving Touch in Ferndale on March 5.

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