Detroit's Leave It To Tragedy releases debut song, music video

EP 'Phases' set for summer release


While living in a duplex in Detroit, the members of Leave It To Tragedy wrote their debut song, “Heaven’s Above But We’re Digging Below,” in guitarist Ethan Mlezcko’s bedroom.

At the time, money was tight but they made things work while channeling their frustrations into their music.

“It felt like our lives were spiraling out of control but writing this music helped us through it,” said vocalist Brian Hanvey.

Parties were frequent at the house the band lived in, and it became known as the “Thug Mansion.” What happened while living at the Thug Mansion inspired the music video for “Heaven’s Above,” making the video a representation of life at the house, something Hanvey said they tried to keep as real as possible.

“Everything in the video represents something that actually happened,” Hanvey said.

The video begins in a room full of empty plastic cups and liquor bottles. Images of people passed out are shown as Hanvey sings a song about struggles: “The sunset is telling it all. Days won't stop ending they come and they go/I've lived through the torture, it follows me still.”

Life outside the house is also captured, and the lyrics are brought to life in the music video: “Corrupted mind with memories of a knife, guns and flashing lives; the night I ran for my life.”

Downtown Detroit serves as a backdrop for the video as well, with the band performing on top of a building overlooking the city.

The video took three days to shoot. While Hanvey said his first music video shoot had stressful moments, he loved it and had fun working with director Brandan Keller to make the band’s vision a reality.

“It feels amazing to take a concept that exists in your mind and turn it into something tangible,” Hanvey said.

Leave It To Tragedy’s members have been making music together since October 2013, but in bands that struggled to keep members.

“Eventually we decided to just be a four-piece and change our style to form a brand new band,” Hanvey said. “Everything began to fall into place.”

Hanvey, Mlezcko, bassist Andy Liner and drummer Jeremy Caverly are releasing their debut EP, “Phases,” this summer through King Shea Records after working on the project for a year.

According to Hanvey, the EP is completed, but they are also working on new music that fans will soon hear.

The official release of “Phases” is slated for June 10.

The guys have not yet performed together as Leave It To Tragedy, but Hanvey said, "Rumor has it, an EP release show may be in the works for June 10 at The Ritz.”

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