'This Is Us' has emotional connection for Local 4 reporter

Nick Monacelli shares why he loves hit NBC show

'This Is Us' returns to Local 4 for a second season on Tuesday, Sept. 26 and for Local 4 reporter Nick Monacelli and his wife it's appointment TV. Monacelli relates in a personal way to NBC's breakout show, 'This Is Us.' 

"The storyline that grabs me the most is the young, African-American boy who was adopted as a baby and has gone through struggles, now grown up, with his own identity."

Monacelli was adopted, as well, and though he doesn't have identity issues he can relate.

"I've had a fantastic upbringing. But my wife and I sit next to each other watching the show and there almost isn't an episode where I'm either crying or fighting not to cry."

He says the show has real emotion and when he connects to the characters like that, it means so much more.