New Zealand political party to pay Eminem $415K for copyright use of 'Lose Yourself'

National Party used hit song in campaign ads

DETROIT – Rapper Eminem won a big major copyright case against New Zealand's main conservative party over the use of his hit song, "Lose Yourself."

The National Party will pay Eminem $415,000 plus interest for copyright infringement after using "Lose Yourself" in its campaign ads.

The party used the song during its successful 2014 election campaign before pulling the advertisement off the air.

Eminem's lawyer, Garry Williams, said the payout sends a strong message.

"Look, as you know, soundalike music is often available," Williams said. "But what this judgment is really saying is that if you cross a line, you're going to get stung."

The case could have implications for other organizations that use so-called sound-alike tracks for profit.