Chicago podcasters make charity fun

The people at One Shot and Neo Scum team up to raise money for Trans Lifeline


The best of us take on adversity with humor. The One Shot Podcast, headed by James D'Amato and Kat Kuhl (who we've had the pleasure to interview before) recently decided that, due to global warming and other similarly terrifying realities of modern life, they were unhappy with the state of things as we enter the new year. Rather than respond to this with rants or moping, they decided to help others by supporting a charity called Trans Lifeline.

But it wouldn't be a One Shot production without being utterly charming.

"Heroes, we had a pretty rough year. We're almost certainly headed for a cyberpunk dystopia." they wrote, "As we shave our head into mohawks, browse the net for leather trenchcoats, and look up online hacking tutorials, ONE SHOT would like to invite you to make the future a bit more radical. We're teaming up with our charity partner Trans Lifeline to make sure our dark future is a little brighter for non-cis friends."

To both embrace what One Shot views as the inevitable cyberpunk dystopian age and to motivate others to support charity, these Chicago based improvisors and podcasters teamed up with the people who make Neo Scum to do a wonderful crossover event between their shows, using the beginning and end to encourage the audience to donate to Trans Lifeline.

All 4 episodes are out now, and having just finished them myself I encourage you to check it out. There are few things better than hearing the normally humble D'Amato ham it up as "Lance Jouster", muscle bound motor cycle pretty boy, or to hear Kat Kuhl rasp her way through an adventure as a van loving ghoul creature (appropriately named "Van Ghoul".)


You can listen to the crossover event here: ONE SHOT NEO YEAR CROSSOVER

You can support Trans Lifeline here: ONE SHOT NEO YEAR CHARITY DRIVE

Jake D is a writer, digital journalist, game master, and funny man for WDIV. Follow him on twitter at @MrAlexander313 and check out his most excellent real play cyberpunk RPG at facebook.com/channel1d4.