One minute review: Jake reviews "Call of Duty" (after only watching Dane play it)

He may not have played it, but Jake is willing to express strong opinions anyway


From time to time we of Channel 1D4 will fraternize. In such occasions it is not unheard of for one of us to bring over a gaming device, and to partake of digital chicanery. During said chicanery, it is not unheard of for beverages- occasionally of an adult nature- to be consumed. It was during one such time that I had the good fortune to watch Dane Kelly play "Call of Duty: WWII". So, obviously, this will not be a fair review.

And yet, I was three beverages deep and loaded down with fried food, so aside from swatting away the controller offered to me I was powerless to do anything about Dane playing "Call of Duty: WWII". He played a combat mission, a spy mission where you take on the role of the French resistance, and then jumped into multiplayer to do daily challenges, such as 'get thirty kills in thirty minutes'.

It was actually pretty fun to watch! Dane apparently made a deal with some kind of ancient and powerful demon, because he tended to win more than he lost, whereas I have found every multiplayer experience to be nothing but a sepaku simulator. The graphics are stunning, and the variety of guns keeps things interesting. The game even has a number of game modes, and they make a few of them have limited time availability to keep things fresh.

The problem comes from the "bro"-ness, which is ever present. For example, there is a version of prop hunt built in. Pretty wacky, right? You wouldn't know from the announcer, who announces the event at the beginning like it's a deadly-serious war manuever.

"Come on; we're going to shape shift into furniture, and then play hide'n'seek. Semper fidelis!!"

Do you see the problem?

That said, the game just works. No major flaws, no major changes. If you already like CoD, I think you'll like this. If it wasn't your thing before, it won't be now.

It is fun to watch your friends play though.