Detroit instrumental rock band Man Mountain set to release debut full-length album March 16

Singles from 'Infinity Mirror' available now

Detroit's Man Mountain is dropping its debut album on March 16, 2018.
Detroit's Man Mountain is dropping its debut album on March 16, 2018.

DETROIT – Repetition and patterns with a flow similar to Michigan's changing seasons drive Mountain Man's debut full-length album, slated to drop March 16.

The four-piece instrumental post-rock group from southeast Michigan took a different approach to the traditional record-making process when recording 'Infinity Mirror' by opting for tracking locations that were unconventional and paying attention to "sonic integrity" when creating the album.

“With "Infinity Mirror," we wanted to capture the sonic intensity of our live set, that feeling when everything kicks in and your are entirely immersed in the sound," guitarist Mike Reaume said.

Songs from the album that have already been released, "Illumination Rings" and "Memory Trace," give a sample of the energy and vibes. Though there are patterns in the sounds, the group doesn't watch the tracks to be too similar to each other.

“We didn’t want any two songs to sound like different versions of the same idea. We wanted each song to explore a different facet of musical influence for us both individually and collectively," he said.

The music is heavily inspired by internal factors, but the songs also play off of physical factors surrounding the band.

“Michigan is a beautiful state that really inspires a sense of adventure and exploration. It also can be somber and brutal in the winter. I think that definitely can be heard in the contrasting vibe of a lot of the songs we write. Even the way the album flows is from more upbeat ‘summer’ songs to more melancholic ‘winter’ songs — like the cycle of the seasons," Reaume said.

The album was mastered by Mike Kalajian, who has worked with artists such as Circa Survive, Prawn and Moving Mountains. Preorder 'Infinity Mirror' here.

Hear "Illumination Rings" below.

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