Michigan veteran has wish granted by Electric Forest Festival

Music festival expanding program to help veterans with PTSD


DETROIT – Wish granted!

In it's 8th year, the Electric Forest Festival is looking to make some wishes come true.

The music festival, which takes place in Rothbury, Michigan in late June/ early July, is looking to engage and give back to the community that has turned the music festival into a success.

To do just that, the festival announced in December a program called "Wish Machine" where festival-goers can submit an idea they would like to bring to life.

On Wednesday, the 'Machine' granted its first wish.

A military veteran from Detroit named Angela who also works with Veteran Affairs, will see her wish come to fruition.

Angela wants to resign from her role with the VA so she can "dedicate herself to developing more creative and collaborative healing and growth opportunities for Veterans."

More specifically, Angela wants to reimagine and evolve the festival’s Electric Forces program by inviting veterans who struggle with PTSD and help them fully integrate into the festival landscape, bringing specific military experiences to a wide variety of operations at this year's festival.

Here's what the festival had to say:

With Angela’s wish now granted, look for the Electric Forces program to evolve in 2018, expanding Veteran participation in Electric Forest and more fully integrating the program into the experience. In addition to new, paid internships that relate to Veteran duties and skill sets (i.e. – jobs and learning opportunities in areas of festival transportation, power, community relations/leadership, and more), Electric Forces 2018 will offer expanded support groups and workshops on veteran PTSD and anxiety suffered by millions of civilians.

“There are shared similarities between these conditions,” Angela says.

“We can all help each other by sharing coping mechanisms, fostering social understanding, acceptance, and inclusion, and creating opportunity for personal and community growth.”

To learn more about Electric Forest, it's "Wish Machine" and Electric Forces program, click here.