Disney facts that will make you smile

Even when the world seems like it's in chaos, we'll always have Disney

It's been a crazy few months, with politics seeming like a constant shouting match, taxes coming up, and the other woes of the world. But you know what's always nice? Disney.

I mean they're lovely, right? Here's four facts about the company that gave us charming princesses, adorable mice, and more.


1. The Voices of Mickey and Minnie were married in real life.

Yep. That's Mr. Wayne Allwine and Mrs. Russi Taylor speaking to each other Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


2. Bruce, the vegetarian shark in "Finding Nemo", was named after the mechanical shark used to make "Jaws".

And the shark was named after Steven Speilberg's lawyer. So, that lawyer technically has two characters named after him!


3. Mickey Mouse was the first animated character with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Mickey was also the first animated character to speak, with the words "Hot dog!"


4. Disney has credited their coffee guy in 8 of their films.

Don't forget the people that really make things possible!

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