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These club leaders throw a huge convention every year!

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Not only is P-CEP's Anime Club (home in Canton High School) a place where people can go to hang out with those of similar interests, but it is run by dedicated students who throw a huge event every year! With students that clearly have passion, drive, and loads of talent, we just had to give them a visit! Check out the photo gallery for a bit of info about The Park's Anime Club leaders!

This year will be the 7th year this club has put on the Anime Park Convention, an event that hosts hundreds. Their Con is unique because it is student-run, rather than adult-run! The club even gathers all the funds themselves (the admission from the year before usually helps them throw the next year’s) and don’t get assistance from the school.

Anyone can attend Anime Park Con at Canton HS, so click HERE for info!

Roles that run Anime Park Con
'Con-Ops': Registration, admission, lost and found, question answering, weapons holding (no weapons for a costume -- it's at a high school), t-shirts for dress code protection.
Security: Safety, keeps everything running smoothly, looks out for 'questionable cosplay'.
Café: This is club advisor Mr. Heilman's third year in charge of this part. He goes shopping and prepares ingredients, then he, his wife, and his son run the kitchen on the day of the Con. This year is bento boxes ! Last year was ramen, but they found it's more efficient to do something that you can start preparing ahead of time like bentos. He loves running the café and compares it to getting to run a restaurant for a day.

What are meetings like?
They often do movie/show screenings, play anime-related games (like anime jeopardy and guess the OP), do activities like a DIY cat ears crafting session led by the resident costume/props expert Vincent. Otherwise, they make announcements, sort out applications for Con roles, and otherwise plan for the Con. They usually average around 20 members; the ones committed to the club and its activities. They don’t strictly keep track of members because they allow it to be a free space where people can come to hang out, meet like-minded people, and feel accepted and a part of a community.

What do the members do?
The board especially does lots of work on promotions for the club, and in particular the Anime Park Con. They put up posters all around the school, and even at local libraries, comic stores, and other sites where they feel they have an audience. Their advisor says that they do a lot of reaching out, networking with other organizations, and otherwise gathering contacts, ideas, and information to assist them in making their Con fantastic! The officers meet on Tuesday to plan out their Friday meetings, which are currently mainly focused on Con preparations.

Mr. Heilman was nervous that the board is mostly made of seniors, wondering about what will happen when their spaces need to be filled when they graduate. Luckily, the officers are taking that into consideration by taking students under their wing to train them to make good club leaders next year.

Follow Anime Park Convention
Instagram: @animeparkofficial
Twitter: @_animepark
Facebook: @animeparkcon

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