Check this out: Barnaby Dixon

Puppets, music, and a bizarre sense of humor


I think I decided that the world needed to know about Barnaby Dixon right around the time he put an ill-made snowman out of it's misery mid-musical number. Imagine, if you will, a channel that does five minute sketches that are equal parts puppetry, comedy, and music. They star the ever cool "Dabchick", a bird puppet that steals other puppet's legs for dancing, stays warm in snowy weather 'chemically', and bids for omnichords on eBay with ruthless tactics. It also happens to have a beautiful singing voice.

Who knows how in the world this combination of elements came together, but boy howdy does it work. If you do nothing else today, binge some Barnaby Dixon. You'll be cheering for this evil little bird at least as much as you'll be nodding your head to the sweet tunes that find their way into the videos.