Check this out: MBMBAM

"My Brother My Brother And Me" is the weirdest advice show you'll love


In honor of their immanent arrival at a live show this May 4th, we highly recommend you catch up on the joyously odd content of the McElroy boys in their show called "My Brother, My Brother, and Me". They get together bi-weekly seemingly to give advice, though their discussions inevitably devolve into japes, jibes, and chicanery.

Ever wonder what a "ham catastrophe" might be? They've got you covered. Ever wondered if prices on common items could be slightly reduced with black magic? Of course you have, and they've made it happen with the power of their imagination.

I think everyone who's told us they love the McElroys has named a few different reasons, but one thing that is almost always touched on is how sweet they are.

Despite having an advice show based around giving terrible answers to Yahoo! questions that weren't directed at them, these are still brothers and it's clear they care about each other.

Their podcast is available everywhere you'd normally find them, so check them out now!

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