One Minute Reviews: "Hours of Darkness"

This "Far Cry 5" DLC is scary, frustrating, and FUN


So, if you read our review of Ubisoft's Far Cry 5, you'll know we loved it. Whether you're into the political satire or just love a good shoot 'em up, it's a game that's designed to please. Even better, it's online elements check every box a game should; letting you play with friends, or solo on maps made by others, or with the standard 14 year old kid who's frustratingly better than you.

What has been released as of midnight yesterday is a very different experience, and I loved it. Hours of Darkness puts you in the shoes of an American soldier in Viet Nam- one of the NPCs from the base game- who has been in a helicopter crash in enemy territory. Then, the writers at Ubisoft did something brilliant.


Yes, even more brilliant than trying to arrest the leader of a heavily armed cult with only, like, 5 officers. I love you Far Cry 5, but that was an odd call.

You have one mission, and that is to get out. You start at the edge of the map, and you are told that the extraction point is at the center. The path to that point is not very far, and though the fighting would be intense, you could do it in a relatively short amount of time.

Then they tempt you to stay. You have three fellow soldiers who have been captured. The interesting thing is that you have no obligation at all to save them, but you'll also know that you're the one who doomed them if you leave without trying.

And that's the selling point of the DLC. If you rescue your friends they become 'guns for hire' that can help, but unlike in the base game they can permanently die. You now must balance your own well being, they safety of those you've managed to rescue, and they odds of rescuing more.


Come on: I wasn't going to leave you behind, weird-eye-guy! Remember how much we bonded in the intro? Semper fidelis tyrannosaurus! 

Solely for the concept of surviving Viet Nam with your decisions having repercussions I would recommend you buy this DLC. That said; I have a bone to pick.

It's a stealth game. If you get into a scrap and openly fire your gun enemy reinforcements will keep coming in waves until you die. Also, you are no longer a super human. The RPG lite elements have been taken out and the guys that were tough to kill early on will remain tough to kill. This is both good and bad.

On the one hand it is way more immersive, on the other we got used to a certain set of mechanics in the main game; so having so much of those mechanics taken away is frustrating. By the end I got used to the new play style, but it took much longer than I would have preferred.

That's a minute! Here's our assessment:
  • Amazingly well written
  • Great game play (once you adjust from the main game)
  • High replayability
  • You can make 'Tropic Thunder' jokes

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