'The Venture Bros.' season 7 teaser trailer just released

The family Venture returns to Adult Swim this August

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The Venture Bros season 7 premiere is August 5 at midnight on Adult Swim. Repeat: we will see the long awaited return of the Venture family on August 5!

For those of you who aren't aware; The Venture Bros. is a spoof of Johnny Quest that has grown to be so much more. Tackling themes like failure, hope, and family, it has become something beyond a cult classic. Call it a "super cult" classic. Those who know it love it, and those who don't know it have probably seen a dozen connections to the show without realizing it.

Did you enjoy the voice of 'Doctor 0' in Fallout: New Vegas? That was none other than James Urbaniak, AKA 'Dr. Venture'. Are you perhaps a fan of the many humorous appearances of Patrick Warburton? Well, he voices 'Brock Samson', bodyguard to/part of the Venture family. The cast is amazing and if it isn't clear this is my favorite show on television.

When it actually is on television, that is. The Venture Bros. premiered in 2004, and 14 years later we're on season 7. That's a single season every 2 years. Yikes.

Fortunately, The Venture Bros. has never failed to be worth the wait. The teaser trailer below shows all the bickering, super-science, and adventure we've come to know and love. Go team Venture!