DBZ's Broly is back, here's the trailer

It's a great time to be a 'Dragon Ball Super' fan

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It is a great time to be a Dragon Ball fan. Akira Toriyama seems to have hit a new stride in his career as an artist. This new era began with "Batlle of Gods", the first Dragon Ball movie in theaters since 2003's disappointing "The Path to Power". 'Gods was followed by the impressive "Ressurection of F", which brought back one of the series' best villains (Freiza) and served as an introduction to a brand new Dragon Ball series, "Dragon Ball Super".

Now, we're seeing more great content. A new movie set in the Dragon Ball Super time period is coming to theaters January 2019. It's called "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" and it promises fights between Broly (the legendary super saiyan) and Vegeta, Goku, and even Golden Freiza!

If you're is like me you're anxious for Vegeta to redeem himself after that embarrassing first round against Broly. So far these movies have been very Vegeta-centric. In "Battle of Gods" Vegeta learned humility, in "Resurrection of F" he got a rematch with someone he was on the wrong side of a curb stomp battle with, and now we have a chance for the saiyan prince fight the only foe who's made him choke in battle.

Enough jibber-jabber, here's the trailer: