Nicole Kidman rescued a giant tarantula from her pool and has video to prove it

Not all heroes wear capes

Not all heroes wear capes, and that statement has never been more true for actress Nicole Kidman after she saved the day by capturing a giant tarantula that was terrorizing her pool -- and it was all caught on camera. 

Kidman posted the hilarious (yet equally terrifying) video on her Instagram account Monday afternoon, and we are not kidding when we say this tarantula is giant -- just watch the video for yourself below. 

While you can hear children in the background rightfully screaming for help (Kidman's daughter even warns her mom to "Get back!"), Kidman stays as cool as a cucumber throughout the ordeal. She eventually catches the giant spider in a glass jar and desperately asks her Instagram followers for help! 

Uhh, that's gonna be a fat no from this writer, Nicole. 

Some of Kidman's famous friends commented on the video, like Reese Witherspoon, who clearly points out "This is terrifying" to Octavia Spencer, who commented what we are all thinking: "I would have to move. Nope."  

Kidman captioned the post with "spider released unharmed and healthy," so at least we know that this eight-legged monster is primed and ready to terrorize another famous person on Instagram.