You've Got Highlights: Show off your Fortnite dances!

Send your video to Bernie Smilovitz and your dancer may get on TV!

Alright Fortnite players, let's see some dance moves! We're looking for videos of people copying the popular dance moves that are part of the Fortnite video game craze. (Not sure what any of this means? Ask someone who plays Xbox or PlayStation 4 -- they'll know.) 

Khalil from Dearborn Heights shows off his Fortnite moves above. Share your dances using the form below, or visit: https://www.clickondetroit.com/BernieHighlights 

Need some more inspiration? Check out the YouTube video below! 

You've Got Highlights! is our weekly segment featuring your videos. Local 4's Bernie Smilovitz is looking for successes, failures, bloopers ... or any combination. Just make him laugh! Share your videos any time at the link above. Submitting a video enters you for a chance to win a $50 gift card. 

Every night Bernie has highlights. Now he wants to see yours! 




Professional dancers try Fortnite moves