Woman warns of tickets sold by third parties online for Aretha Franklin tribute concert in Detroit

Aretha Franklin's tribute concert to be held at Chene Park in Detroit

DETROIT – Aretha Franklin's tribute concert at Chene Park, in Detroit, is a massive event, and the free tickets were gone in 10 minutes.

A Metro Detroit woman who doesn't want to be identified told Local 4 she was one of many people who got bogged down on the Ticketmaster website and came away with nothing.

Then, she saw the previously free tickets were for sale online.

"(I was a) little disappointed for the city of Detroit and the people who are going to not be able to afford those tickets," she said.

She took a chance and bought two tickets for a total of $86. A $20 service fee and taxes put her total purchase at $114.

On Tuesday, she called PJJ Entertainment Inc. while Local 4 was there to check on the status of the tickets.

"How did you get the tickets?" the woman asked.

"We get them from third-party sellers and sell them," the PJJ Entertainment employee said.

"They're supposed to be free," the woman said.

"I don't know anything about that," the employee said.

"How come you guys have tickets and I can't get them from Ticketmaster?" the woman said.

"We're a third-party broker, and we get them from other secondary markets," the employee said.

The Better Business Bureau said those words should raise major red flags.

"Unless you can verity the ticket, you really run the risk of losing your money," said Melanie Duquesnel, of the BBB.

The woman said she's been skeptical from the beginning. She said she won't know if the tickets are legitimate until they're scanned on her phone Thursday night at the event.

Experts said consumers should research third-party companies to see if they're accredited before making a purchase. Customers can call and ask for a reference, which will probably be someone they choose, so it's best to meet with someone in person to judge their sincerity.

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