Lorde accuses Kanye West and Kid Cudi of stealing concert set design

And she has receipts

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Getty Images.

Lorde called out Kanye West and Kid Cudi on Instagram, accusing the rappers of "stealing" her stage design from her 2017 tour and Coachella performance. 

West and Cudi performed at Dodger Stadium over the weekend as part of the Camp Flog Gnaw festival, where they performed in a giant, rectangular see-through box that floated above the stage. 

Before Lorde spoke up, the only news that came after the performance was that West tweeted his album wasn't quite finished and he was pushing back the release date. The singer posted a series of photos on her Instagram showing how similar West and Cudi's floating rectangle was to her set design in her last tour. 


The photo on the left is a shot of Lorde's dancers performing in March, and the photo on the right is West and Cudi performing over the weekend. 


Another example of the two stages, this time showing Lorde's performance at Coachella 2017. 

The signer ended her Instagram posts with, "But don't steal – not from women or anyone else – not in 2018 or ever."


The full quote read: "I'm proud of the work I do and it's flattering when other artists feel inspired by it, to the extent that they choose to try it on themselves. But don't steal – not from women or anyone else – not in 2018 or ever." 

Lorde's suspended rectangle box was designed by Es Devlin, who has worked with West multiple times in the past on many tours. The designer is responsible for West's floating stage during the Saint Pablo tour.  

West or Cudi have not responded to Lorde's claims. 

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