One Minute Reviews: Viscera Cleanup Detail and DLC

With new DLC out, it's time to revisit a bizarre game

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Quite famously, I thought that Heath Ledger would make a terrible Joker, and when texting became a thing I thought it was dumb. My point is that- despite seemingly being infallible- I am occasionally wrong about things when I first hear about them.

So it was with "Viscera Cleanup Detail." Although I thought the concept of playing as the guy that has to clean up the mess left by video game protagonists was hilarious, I did not think it could hold a player's attention for more than a few hours. After all, once you've cleaned one mess and seen how the mechanics work, you've pretty much seen it all, right?

It is now several years after the game's release and I still play it regularly. There is almost no more relaxing experience that hitting "play" on a podcast and mopping up pools of gore in various exotic locales. There is also a subplot hidden throughout the levels about a rebellion-minded janitor named "Bob" who may or may not be leading a sanitation-staff revolution.

Now they've released a slasher-flick styled DLC, "House of Horror," and it adds to the game's assets in a way that I feel is worth the relatively small asking price of three bucks. If you didn't already enjoy cleaning gore and bullet holes then the DLC won't change your mind, but if you love the sense of satisfaction brought on from heartlessly tossing viscera into an incinerator then, friends; you're in for a treat.

Final verdict:

  • Great gameplay

  • Excellent replayability

  • DLC is worth the low asking price

  • Bob may be the one true janitor