Aretha Franklin's former home along Detroit Golf Club set for major makeover

New owner buys home for about $300,000


DETROIT – One of Aretha Franklin's former homes is set for a major makeover after the new owner bought it for about $300,000.

The house on Hamilton Road just south of Seven Mile Road along the Detroit Golf Club was built in 1927 and bought by Franklin in 1993.

It once fell into foreclosure because of unpaid taxes, but the taxes were eventually paid. Local 4's Jason Colthorp got to meet the new owner and the treasures that were left behind.

Franklin hadn't lived at the home for about 10 years before her death, and that was apparent as Local 4 walked through the front door.

"The first time I walked in it was pretty humbling," new owner Tony Kellum said. "A lot of Ms. Franklin's furniture and stuff was around."

There are still a couple of Franklin's personal items in the house, including a special headboard and her tub.

The home is called the Rose Estate in reference to Franklin's 1998 album, "A Rose Is Still A Rose."

Overall, the house is now a shell of its former self, but it has good bones, and that's something Kellum hopes he can breathe new life into again.

"The original trim is going to stay -- the wood, light fixtures," Kellum said.

It isn't expected to be a project that takes years. The hope is for the home to be ready by June 24 when the PGA Tour stops at the Detroit Golf Club. Kellum said he would like to have the house ready to be rented out for the PGA event and then put up for sale.

You can watch Jason Colthorp's full story in the video posted above.

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