Movies you need to see over the holiday break


Tis' the season and there are a bunch of new films to see thanks to our partners at MJR Digital Cinemas! Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined us in the studio to talk about six movies. 

First, Mary Poppins Returns, Russell says it's a fun and great movie! He gives it four out of five reels. 

Aquaman is the new superhero movie that is out. Russell said it's a really good story and all the ladies will love Jason Mommoa.

Next is, Welcome To Marwen, Russell got to interview Steve Carell and Director Robert Zemeckis about the film. This is a true story and Carell said that it helped him get into the project. Russell gave it a four out of five reels.

J.Lo is back with a new movie Second Act, and he caught up with Jennifer Lopez. and Leah Remini. J.Lo said the whole idea was to capture the real relationship that she has with Remini. Russell gave it a three out five reels.

Another Transformers movie is out, Bumblebee. Russell said this one is different because it shows you the genesis of Bumblebee. He gives it a three out of five reels. 

On Christmas day, Vice will be coming out and this movie received a lot of Golden Globe nominations. Christian Bale actually gained a lot of weight for the role and he said that he is very fortunate to do what he does. Russell give this a four out of five reels. 

Find a movie you want to see this holiday weekend at MJR Digital Cinemas. To find a theater near you and to see a list of show times of the hot movies on screen now just go to their website: https://www.mjrtheatres.com/