Girl Power: 'Spice World' was released 21 years ago

Feel old?

(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Want to feel super old?

The box office smash and forever iconic movie "Spice World" was released in theaters in North America on this day 21 years ago. 

While the Spice Girls received pretty poor reviews for their attempt at making a movie within a movie, all the while performing their greatest hits and riding around London in a double-decker bus, the film still grossed $151 million worldwide and made them one of the greatest girl groups of all time. 

Can we also talk about how fantastic this cast was? Aside from the Spice Girls themselves, the cast featured Meatloaf as their bus driver; Richard E. Grant (who was just nominated for an Oscar on Tuesday) as their manager; and cameos from Elton John, Hugh Grant and Elvis Castello. 

And let's be honest, everything about this movie is iconic. From the Spice Girls drenched in camo going through boot camp, to Posh Spice deliberating which little Gucci dress she should wear, fans over the world loved it and most millennials today still have a place in their hearts for the Spice Girls. 

It's been just over 10 years since the Spice Girls toured in America, but the group (minus Victoria Beckham) announced that they are touring the U.K. this summer. Fingers crossed they will hop the pond and play some dates here in the fall!

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