Tonight - Northville dancer on NBC's 'World of Dance'

Lauren Yakima gives Jennifer Lopez 'the goosies' in the premiere

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The world’s greatest dancers return to NBC Tuesday night when "World of Dance" premieres right after "The Voice"!

"World of Dance" features handpicked dancers from qualifying events around the nation and thousands of online submissions. Among them this season was a young Michigan woman, Lauren Yakima. Take note of that name, because anyone with even a passing interest in dance may be very familiar with it soon.

A sneak preview of Lauren Yakima's performance.

This 17-year-old native of Northville already has 15 years of dance experience. Yes, your mental math is correct; she began training at the ripe old age of 2. By age 5 she had already won her first national title- and she continued picking up wins in various competitions throughout the years.

Now- she will be competing in season 3 of "World of Dance," in the junior division. Watch tonight and find out why she gave Jennifer Lopez "the goosies."

Season 3 of "World of Dance" premieres tonight on Local 4 at 9 p.m.