Female alt-pop quartet The Aces slated to perform energetic show in Southwest Detroit

Band plays Wednesday at El Club

The Aces (BBGun Press)
The Aces (BBGun Press)

DETROIT – Nearly every date of The Aces' "Waiting For You" tour is sold out.

The success of the tour is a shining example of the years of time and dedication the four-piece all-female group has put into crafting and perfecting its sound.

All four members bring their own tastes to the band's songs, preferences that shine through each of their performances. Songwriters and sisters, Cristal and Alisa Ramirez grew up on '80s pop, a vibe easily felt, while Petty McKenna describes her sound as "funky," thanks to the '80s new wave and alternative rock she grew up listening to. Meanwhile, classic rock notes come out of Katie Henderson's guitar.

Bassist Petty said the band has thrived by staying authentic to who they are, despite pressures in the music industry to conform to certain standards. Even when the members were first getting their start in Utah as young women in an area where there were few females and younger artists performing, they stuck to what they wanted.

"We're very much in control of our career and our band, and we make that known," Petty said. "We see a lot of opportunity in that way, too. And people are inspired by how we are and what we do."

The women got their start when they were around 10. They immediately took to writing, recording songs and playing gigs around their home before deciding to more seriously pursue music as a career when they were graduating high school.

The group released an album last year before heading on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer. The record followed several singles, an EP and nearly a decade of performing and honing their sound.

Playing the shows with 5SOS, as well as appearing on the bill at large festivals, such as Chicago's Lollapalooza, helped the band pick up a loyal fan base.

Petty said the band has a mixed group of listeners, but has resonated well with fans of alternative music and younger people, something she believes is important because it gives them someone to look up to.

"It's cool to see them show up at shows and say how inspired they are seeing four women doing what they love," Petty said.

The Aces perform Wednesday at El Club in Southwest Detroit.

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