Pink and white, or teal and gray shoes? Color debate returns

Anyone having deja vu of the dress?

Here we go again -- the great color debate.

It seems as though people are back on the heated topic of what color this pair of shoes really is; pink and white or teal and gray?

Anyone having deja vu of the dress color debate?

This kind of boggled our mind, too, so we had to find out why this keeps happening.

To cut straight to the chase, the shoes' colors are actually pink and white.

Apparently, sometimes the trick to figuring out what the real shade is, is looking at what else is in the picture with the item.

Basically, it all comes down to poor lighting and overall quality of the photo, Business Insider found.

It causes eyes to be unable to register the range of colors, so depending on your light sensitivity, you may see one set of colors while another person sees something entirely different.

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