Series of books planned, based on NYT’s “1619 Project”

This image released by Random House shows the cover of a special issue of "The 1619 Project" from The New York Times Magazine. Random House, has acquired a multi-book series based on the groundbreaking special issue. (Random House via AP)

NEW YORK, NY – The New York Times’ acclaimed “1619 Project” will be the basis for a series of books, for readers of all ages.

Random House Group imprints have acquired rights to the books, the publisher announced Wednesday. The books will build upon the Times’ magazine special issue from last summer that centered on the 400th anniversary of the first enslaved Africans to be brought to the U.S. and slavery’s enduring legacy. Releases will include an expanded version of the magazine issue, including essays, fiction and poetry. Random House also plans a graphic novel and four “1619 Project” publications for young people.

The books will be overseen in part by Times journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, the initiator of the “1619 Project,” and by Jake Silverstein, editor in chief of The New York Times Magazine.