Jason Carr: Greetings from the Twilight Zone, Down The Rabbit Hole, and Through The Looking Glass!

I’m the real Jason Carr who exists in the real world but who is also simultaneously on the interwebs as the host of Jason Carr Live/The 9:15-ish, live streaming on Facebook and also ClickOnDetroit.com.

It’s a show that pops up in your news feed weekdays around 9:15 a.m. Although a lot of the conversation is off the cuff and the jokes improvised, the scripted content does have to be found and produced.

On that point, Khary Hobbs, my co-host and producer, is working from home during the pandemic and is unable to access the equipment and cameras we use to make our magic. Same goes for producer Dane Kelly. So Jason Carr Live had to go on hiatus during this (hopefully temporary) New Normal.

When things return to the Way We Were, so too will the 9:15-ish return in all of its shabby, shambling glory. In the meantime, watch for notifications that I am going live on my Facebook fan page and thank you, Ishers, for your loyalty and support.

Wash your hands, stay safe and be kind!

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