4 best friends from Canton hope to be next big thing in music world

Metro Detroit's TwentyForSeven getting national attention, MTV called group "Buzzworthy"

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Nearly ever generation can remember a boy band churning up the charts in their youth from the Mills Brothers to The Four Freshmen, The Beatles to The Bay City Rollers, Menudo, New Kids on the Block and 'N Sync but the next one could be four young men from Canton.

TwentyForSeven is made up Rajiv Dhall, Matt Pastor, Blake Hayes and Corey DeLuca.

The group released their single "All I Ever Wanted" last month. Soon after it caught the attention of no less an authority than MTV who declared the song "buzzworthy."

TwentyForSeven also has quite a YouTube following for their covers of other bands, but they're hoping their own song will break through.  

These guys know the term boy band can come with some baggage and can have a short shelf life, but they prefer to put the emphasis on the word "band."

"I think everybody likes to think that they're unique when, you know, you're an artist or something. And I don't necessarily think that, but I do think that we bring something interesting to the table with the fact that we do play our instruments and that we do write a lot of our own music and intertwine that with a typical boy band look you know," said Rajiv Dhall.

TwentyForSeven thinks their sound offers something for everyone.

"The people who like the pop they'll get that side of it, but the people who are like well they respect you only if you're a musician and if you play things, they'll like it too so it brings the two together in a cool way," said Blake Hayes.

Damian Dawson of Live The Music Group is steering the group.  They're coming off a stint on the E Networks's Opening Act reality show and Dawson said things are really starting to happen.

"We've got a lot of good things going on. They've already done national television, we're getting a lot of national exposure as far as entertainment sites and a lot of major labels have reached out to us about the boys," said Dawson. "Right now we're trying to focus on the Forget The World project, you know we just put out our first record for it.

TwentyForSeven is ready to roll out its new disc called "Forget The World."   These guys feels confident they can weather any tough times bands can face.

"I'm not worried one bit about us at least, because we have, we are a band, but we are all best friends since we were kids," said Corey DeLuca.

"We keep each other in check," said Dhall.

If you would like to hear the song "All I Ever Wanted" click here.  The single is available on iTunes.   They are currently working on the music video but have released a behind the scenes video that you can see by clicking here.

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