50 Cent's foul-mouthed text tirade with 16-year-old son

'I don't have a son anymore'

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ATLANTA - Rapper 50 Cent sent his 16-year-old son Marquise a series of expletive text messages, asking for a blood test.

The messages, obtained by RadarOnline.com, show the rapper demanding a paternity test from his son.

Throughout the text conversation, 50 Cent tells his son to cut off all contact with him, even insisting he delete his phone number. The website reports that his anger was due to Marquise apparently not opening the door when he came to visit.

The text message exchange lasted over an hour. During that time Marquise appears to have attempted to fight back and claimed his dad hadn't been good to him.

The rant comes days after 50 Cent was arrested for domestic violence charges following an alleged incident with the mother of one of this children.

50 Cent's Text Conversation with His Son: (Text conversation contains expletives which have been edited by ClickOnDetroit.com)

50 Cent: Hey I'm outside the house at the front door.

50 Cent: I came to the front door then lights went off. What's up?

Marquise: U lying u outside?

Marquise: Lol.

Marquise: Lol u fronting.

50 Cent: I saw you looking out the window good luck in life. Your gonna need it.

Marquise: Lol u fronting hard body now, how u going to see me when I'm in the basement lmao

50 Cent: F*** you

50 Cent: You are your mother child

Marquise: Lol why would u lie about that lol

50 Cent: I need a blood test cause that... (Language in this text is too graphic for publishing on ClickOnDetroit.com)

50 Cent: I don't think your funny at all. I drove out here for nothing.

Marquise: Pops ur trippen now, why u won't been get one u had 16 years lol, I know u lying bc u didt even call me too go outside

50 Cent: Are you f***ing crazy I don't have time to play boy. I told you I would come see you. I came motherf***er start turning lights out and looking threw the blinds.

50 Cent: Are you f***ing stupid. You had me drive over there why do you think I needed a address sh*t head. I saw the lights go out then some one playing in the blinds and there no party going on. F*** you to

50 Cent: You your mother and your sister f*** all of yal.

Marquise: I might dumb, come thru then, no need to get upset

Marquise: Stop by and say hello too ur son

50 Cent: What the f*** are you taking about I'm not f***ing with you after this I leave Atlanta in the morning.

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