Ellen DeGeneres grants Southfield girl's wish

Mom: 'She went right up to Hope and danced with her'

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. - 15–year-old Hope Sovran just got back from the trip of a lifetime. Ellen Degeneres flew her and her mom and sister to Los Angeles for the taping of her show. It is the second time the talk show host has reached out to the Southfield family.

Hope is a huge Ellen fan and is thrilled she was in the audience for the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Hope has a plastic anemia as well as spina bifida. She needed a bone marrow transplant to produce more red blood cells.

Her 7-year- old sister Kathleen was a perfect match. "I helped my sister out and I saved her life," said Kathleen.

"The day after the transplant, Ellen called our house first and talked to Kathleen and told her how brave she was, and then called the hospital and talked to Hope, and she said they wanted when everybody felt better to come out and see a taping," said Hope's mom Nancy.

That's what they did last week.

"Hope sat on the actual floor of the set in her wheelchair, and I sat in the first row behind. And then Ellen came out and does her thing, and then she dances, and she had told me on the phone that she knows Hope wanted to dance with her, so when she does her dancing, she went right up to Hope and danced with her, and it was very touching, so, very touching."

Hope is being treated at CS Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor  Doctors say her recovery is going well.

"She's doing great and I was really happy she was able to get out to California."

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