Justin Bieber's debit deal

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Pop star Justin Bieber is trying to get inside his fans wallets. He's endorsed a debit card that's available now, and the first online commercial has been posted.

In the commercial, the singer who made and estimate $110 million over the past two years, talks about the financial lessons he's learned. Bieber mentions that his family wasn't always wealthy.

"I learned if you have $100 dollars or $100 million, if you spend more than you have your're going to go broke," he said in the first lesson posted by the SpendSmartCard.com.

Beware the Fine Print

Some experts question why any teenager would take financial advice from a mega-millionaire singer. While he wasn't born wealthy, he can hardly relate to teenagers who are living on allowances of $20 a week.

However, if your kids have "Bieber Fever" they might beg you to let them try the debit card from SpendSmartCard.com.

Remember to check the fine print. Like many debit cards, this card will come with some fees. It has a monthly fee of $3.95. There are fees to load money, ATM fees, and a $3 if the card is inactive for 90 days.

It could make more sense to give your children the cash to spend, instead of paying fees to put the money on a card.

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