Local 4 goes on set of new NBC drama

By Sandra Ali - Anchor/Reporter

CHICAGO - A new prime-time show debuts Sunday night on Local 4. NBC's new drama "Crisis" promises to be action packed and full of surprises!

Local 4 went behind the scenes in Chicago to give viewers a sneak peek of the show that producers said will keep you on the edge of your seat.

"Each week it will end with an old fashioned cliff hanger," said Dermot Mulroney. "Each of the episodes, the only thing they really have in common is to fool you, it's not really like that at all."

The 13-episode season is set in the nation's capital, but is filmed in Chicago. Producers said the show will feature the same characters each week, but that there will be different story lines going at the same time.

"It's a roller coaster ride, there are twists, turns, you never know who you can trust, it's like a game of clue," said Lance Gross.

The cast features several Grand Rapids natives like Gillian Anderson.

"My mom is still in Grand Rapids, Mich, so she's not far away," Anderson said.

And newcomer Adam Scott Miller plays the president's son.

The show is based around one question: how far would you go as a parent to save your child?

"'Crisis' is essentially about the FBI and CIA agents motivated to find some kids who get caught up in a bad, roughed up situation because their parents are very powerfully involved with the world," Miller said.

In its series premiere, a school bus loaded with kids from the most prestigious school in Washington D.C is hijacked, which sparks a national "crisis."

"It's high stakes, high tension, You've got the FBI, the CIA, big business, you also have the president's son, because his son is also kidnapped," Anderson said. "Literally, when I'm reading it I'm gripped, and I just can't wait to get to the next page, and the next page and the next. My character is used to being in control, so she has a hard time not taking over the case and figuring out who the people are behind it."

Halston Sage plays Anderson's daughter.

"You get to work with such an amazing cast," Sage said. "I know it's unreal, I just love sitting on the set just watching, even if I'm not in a scene with Gillian, Dermott, or Rachel. Just to watch them, it's a blessing to be with such a talented group of people."

Leading the cast both on set and off is Mulroney.

"He's hilarious, he gets the entire cast laughing, and that's what makes it fun," said Stevie Lynn Jones. "It was a little core group here, so we had a lot of fun on these sets and this whole cast has a great senses of humor."

"Why do you think the show has gotten so much buzz already?" Michael Beach said. "I hope it's because 25 million people will show up to watch the premiere. I think there's a lot of good TV out there and I think people are hungry for more, especially in network TV."

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