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Kenny Loggins to perform at Macomb Music Theatre August 25

MACOMB COUNTY - Kenny Loggins is one of the pre-eminent singer-songwriters of the last three decades, and his ever-evolving musical artistry speaks to the very youngest, the young at heart, and to the hearts and souls of music lovers of every generation. Powered by the authenticity and emotional honesty that are hallmarks of Kenny Loggins' work at every stage of his enduring career, the ability to reach millions through the universal language of music is evidenced time and time again in his diverse repertoire. 

You can catch Kenny Loggins with Special Guest Blue Sky Riders at the Macomb Music Theatre on Sunday, August 25th. If you call the Macomb Music Theatre box office between 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. and say you're a friend of you can get free tickets to the show (while supplies last)

Kenny Loggins has been many things to many people over the past three decades — "a moving target" as he's put it. In his time, Loggins has been a guitar-slinger with a psychedelic rock band, a hot young songwriter with a publishing deal, half of a legendary country-rock duo, a massively successful and accomplished solo artist, a sonic pioneer in the smooth jazz genre, a reigning soundtrack superstar, a rocker, a seeker, as well as an enduring recording artist and live performer whose most recent works have spoken deeply to both young audiences and decidedly adult and worldly concerns. At the heart of it all, there remains a brilliant singer-songwriter and guitarist with a lifelong passion for exploring the endless power of the song to communicate.

By any standard, Loggins' commercial impact has been extraordinary; twelve of his albums have gone platinum and beyond. In a world of one hit wonders and fifteen minute sensations, Loggins has enjoyed hit songs in four straight decades — a remarkable testament to his exceptional craftsmanship and stamina. Yet the true measure of this man cannot be weighed in platinum and gold. Through it all, Kenny Loggins has earned the faith of those who've followed him along the way. To this day, Loggins continues to write and record at the height of his powers as a singer and a songwriter. This is something that Loggins proves every time he takes the stage to sing his soulful songs straight from the heart.

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