Plan for Madonna birthplace sign moves ahead

Bay City wants to install a sign in honor of the singer

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April 16-May 6, 1989: "Like a Prayer" by Madonna

BAY CITY, Mich. - City and civic leaders want to install a sign that recognizes Bay City as the birthplace of pop music icon Madonna.
Led by City Commissioner Christopher Girard, eight people met at City Hall this week to discuss what such a sign would look like, where it should be placed and how soon it might go up.
The group opted to go with a basic green-and-white marker, with hopes of having it installed in the coming months. It would be placed near the intersection of West Thomas Street and South Euclid Avenue, welcoming visitors traveling into town off US-10.
Down the road, Girard tells The Bay City Times he hopes to install another landmark -- possibly a statue -- that would honor Madonna in Bay City.

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