'The Calling' singer kidnapped, robbed while in Michigan

Police say victim forced into blue minivan early Sunday morning, later dropped off on city street

By Halston Herrera - Digital news editor

LAPEER, Mich. - Alex Band, the lead singer of "The Calling," says he was kidnapped, robbed and beaten while in Michigan.

Band told investigators he was walking down a street in downtown Lapeer, Mich., about 3 a.m. Sunday when two men forced him into a blue minivan, according to a police statement.

The singer "reported being assaulted, robbed, and dropped off on another street," according to Lapeer Police Sgt. Craig Gormley.

According to a representative from the band "The Calling" :

Alex was grabbed by his shirt, hit from behind and lost his footing. He was beaten with a police baton, had a gun pointed to his face while the assailants demanded his "Hollywood money." Band told the assailants, "Don't kill me as I am about to be a dad." The assailants responded with "We don't kill fathers" and then left him for dead.

Alex Band released the following statement:

I never thought my unborn child would be my savior.  I am grateful to be alive and I know that I am destined for bringing my music back to my fans.

Police said Band was treated at McLaren-Lapeer regional hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured lower spine, had 15 stitches put in his lower chin, had three broken teeth a bruising on his side and stomach where he was beaten with the baton.

Police haven't released a detailed description of any suspects.

Word of Band's alleged abduction hit online celebrity websites Monday morning -- at the same time entertainment reporters received an email from a publicity firm announcing The Calling is coming back "stronger than ever" after "fighting through trials and addictions."

The singer has "brought together a new band and has a fresh look on his past hits like 'Wherever You Will Go,'" the news release said.

Band "was at the height of music stardom in the early 2000s pop world but took a severe, almost death drop on a roller-coaster of a ride by almost dying from drug abuse combined with the struggle of personal relationships," the release said.

"Having a global hit was amazing, but due to my personal struggles and relationships I was robbed of the enjoyment of being on the top of a musical high of a career," it quotes Band saying. "I dropped everything to fight for my ailing wife, followed by a divorce, which equaled with a substance abuse problem that almost took my life. Coming out of my addiction with yet another struggle is something of a freedom. This second chance and has given me great fodder for our new music."

The rock/pop group is "in the midst of signing a major record deal and are setting up a global tour to bring forth their music to a world-wide fervent fan base," it said.    

The comeback announcement would normally get little attention in the media, but coverage of Band's alleged abduction put The Calling back into the headlines.


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