Have you made your regrets list?

Book reveals top 5 regrets people have before dying


DETROIT – Many of us make a bucket list, like jumping out of planes and other big adventures we'd like to do before we kick the bucket 

Maybe that list should include things like, more time with family or pursuing your personal goals. 

A nurse that counsels hospice patients in their final days of life wrote a book called the top 5 regrets before dying. 

It's filled with the common regrets her patients shared with her as they looked back on their lives.   

The top regret from every one of her male patients was working too hard, missing their children's youth and companionship with their spouses. 

The most common regret was not having the courage to live a life true to themselves, instead of the life others expected of them, not fulfilling dreams and goals, not having the courage to express feelings and not keeping in close touch with friends 

Others regret not having the courage to express their feelings, not keeping in touch with friends

Being stuck and not allowing yourself to be happier.